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May 9, 1953.

My Own Dearest Har & Daddy, 

Hi! Received the pictures this morning. They are really wonderful – they’re so clear and everyone is good. My mom is just crazy about them – she hasn’t stoped raving yet – is it aright if I give them to her? Do you have a bet? Rita took Ailene up over the hill they are going to the woods to look for bluebells & primroses, I didn’t feel like going– got the “usual” yesterday, & feel have dead today, I’m going to rest up as we’ve got a big week planned next week – we want to try and go some place different every day and give the kids a treat. 

I’m having a nice relaxed time– it’s amazing how different the people are here – cool, calm & collected & everyone is most happy – always joking & laughing. I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing since I’m here my brother & sister have me in stitches constantly & my mother – you should see her– like a girl of 14 – gets up & does a dance to the radio whenever anything “hip” comes on – or does the jitterbug with Jackie - with him throwing her all over. 

The week before we sail I want to go to  London one day – with Ailene & Rita – my mom will look after Cheryl – Ailene wants to see the Palace & Big Ben and a long list of other stuff. 

Do you have any objections to my going dear? (I hope not.)

They are having a street party here for the Coronation with a Coronation Tea for the kids – mom has been paying for weeks now, they collect so much for each person (have to get pictures of it to keep). 

Bought Ailene a Tinker toy set (made in the U.S.A.) & she is getting so much enjoyment out of it – it’s amazing just how many different things can be made out of it – Jackie makes her all sorts of various things from it – he sits for hours after the kids are in bed, making them something new to come down to in the morning. 

Toys are so damned expensive here, like everything else. I’ve got them a few things & the family have bought them different stuff –so I hope they have enough to last them. 

Its 4 weeks since we left isn’t it? Only 7 more weeks till we sail – the time is really flying – but I do miss you dear – will you be glad to have me back? Better be careful how you answer now!! 

Been fishing any? We’ve been planning on going with you when we get back so don’t get out of practice now – take very good care of yourself – and write us soon. Cheryl is talking beautifully – no baby talk either & seems to have become quite grown up. 

All our love – 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy

XXXX P.S. Ailene says to tell you she loves you & misses you! XXXXX

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