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May 9, 1945.

9 May 1945

Hello Dolores,

Surprised aren’t you? You didn’t think I’d answer your letter did you? Thanks very much for your letter and I hope to hear from you again if it isn’t too much trouble for you to write a few lines to a friend you don’t know very much about, only why Sonny told you about me. Yes I call him Sonny for some time now, and I think he is a very good kid, and I think you will say the same about him.

I hope you don’t have any trouble reading my letter, because I’m not a very good letter writer. But I’ll try and do my best so you can at least you can read some of it.

Sonny I believe is writing to you now and I believe he will want to read this letter after I get through writing to you. He’s a good kid but I always have to knock his ears back fro him. If you only could see us fight together you think we were brothers, and I guess you know how brothers fight all the time.

Yes, I’m keeping an eye on that guy as you call him. I don’t think you have to worry abouth im because he will be alright.

I bet you sure have a time with the people at the O.P.A. don’t you? They must give you a pain in the neck with all kinds of questions every day.

Well, I think I’ll close for now and I do hope I hear from you again, and once again thanks very much for your letter. So until I hear from you again, May God Bless you always.

Your Friend,


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