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February 10, 1945.

February 10, 1945

Dearest Dolores,

I haven’t had time to write for several days so i guess it’s about time now. I haven’t heard from you since I wrote my last letter. It was about the sixth or seventh.

I saw a movie tonight. Donald O’Connor and Peggy Ryan in “This Is The Life”. There was a girl in there and she looked exactly like you. She had her hair fixed like yours and had a pair of pearl heads around her neck. I believe you have a pair just like them. Boy I really got homesick there for awhile. She looked exactly like you on one of those nights we were out together when I was home.

How is every body back there in good old Pennsylvania? Have you seen Punch and Jean lately? When you see them tell them I said hello and to write. Also tell Punkie to write too and tell Mom and Dad I said hello Steal one of Punkie’s pictures from her and send it to me. I want to see what she looks like now. I still have to two large ones of you.

Well Darling, I guess this letter will be a bit dull (as if the others aren’t.) but that’s about all I have to say so I’ll cloes for now. I still miss you and I love you more every minute I’m away.  I hope we may meet soon. Bye - now I’ll Be Seeing You. Write soon.

All my love,


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