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March 10, 1945.



Dearest Dolores,

I havent’ heard from you for about four days but here I am, writing again. I received four letters today. Two from mother, one from my aunt and Uncle and one from my sister, Pauline. I hadn’t received any mail for about four days before today.

It’s still about the same old story over here. We are doing very well lately and if we keep it up we may be home soon. I hope, I hope.

You were telling me about Leo in your last letter. I can imagine the laughs you really had out of it. How did Eleanor feel about it? I bet her face really got red.

So you put my name in the paper when I made Sergeant? I can’t stop you but I don’t see why that’s an honor. You do as you please though and I would like to see the paper when you send it to me.

In one of your letters, you asked me which army I was in. I am in the First. You know what outfit I am with. (I think you do, anyway.)

I have some new paper money for our collection. By - the - way, how is our coin - collection coming along? Are we rich yet? I’m only joking. I’ll send the money in this letter. There are seven pieces. They are old German bills.

Tell Punkie and Mother and Dad I said hello. Also tell Larry too, when you write to him.

Well Darling I guess I’ll have to close for now. I do certainly hope this letter isn’t as boring as the others (or should I say some of the others) I wrote. I still miss you Hun, and I hope I can see you soon. Bye - now. I’ll be seeing you. Write soon, please.



P.S. – Still Love me?

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