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May 7, 1945.

May 7, 1945

Some where in Krautland

Dear Mother, Pop + Ele,

Tonight I’m enclosing my pictures of Paris. I did not take them but bought them and have been carting them around ever since. I still have quite a few things to send post card of various places etc. perhaps you will be surprised when you here perhaps you wont. Soon I hope all censoring will stop as far as the war in Europe is concerned. I then will be able to tell you all every thing. Some of whcih I with held my stuff because part of a story is worse than none. I will say that the most interseting time I have ever had was in Italy, from June 2, 1944 till we saild from Naples for France. I saw Rome a few days after it fell to the 5th army. I saw and spoke to Pope Pious XII and have a medal and cross which he gave me. I have stood on the same balcony from which “Mussolini” use to give those firey speeches. I have been to Pompei, even seen Mt.V also the Isle of Capri. I took a picture of Gen. Clark and cheer when Mr. Churchill went by. I have placed a phone call for Gen. Mark Clark. I photographed when what war left of Casino, (that roll only one shot came out). So you can see why I say June second till we sailed for France. I picture I have enclosed are before not the last. I make a new complete set and send them soon.

I don’t think I put the Paris pictures in this letter. I’m going to write Ele. They’ll be in there.

Well it look like V-E will be in a few days, but all the big news has happen over here, now come the job of teaching the Germans to live again.



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