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May 27, 1953.

Dearest Daddy Harry –

Hi!! I hope you’re in the pink old chap – as we all are – received a letter today so we’re all in a good frame of mind. Haven’t made it to Southampton yet but I may go this coming Monday if they are open – I need labels and tie- ons for the return trip.

Glad to know you got smart and decided not to let the work worry you – providing you do your best theres nothing else you can do and if they are satisfied dear they’ll let you know, don’t worry!!

R.C.A raised its prices I believe a couple of months before I left – golly I don’t know what to  say about the damned policy dear – we are do let it go completely – how much are parts? Then you have to pay so much service charge on top of parts & I think I would say the 24.95 wouldn’t be bad – don’t forget the bet is getting older but whatever you think we should do is O.K. with me toots!!

The morning glory took root after all huh We didn’t plane any seeds this year either – I bet Anne next door is really pulling her hair out.

I forgot to tell you in yesterday’s letter that Cheryl has a real black eye – Monday at my aunts she walked into the end of the table but was very fortunate the it was rounded and not pointed. But you should ee its black all around – quite a sight really.

My mom has just walked in from work and she’s just finished telling us that she had to work on the upcholostry & carpeting in the Queens bedroom of the ship that she is using for the Review – all lavish stuff etc. Tomorrow she has to work on Philip’s bedroom – they have separate rooms, you know – with a connecting bathroom.

Cheryl is extremely rough with Ailene when she chooses her to be and often has her crying for help – its funny but Ailene wont hit her back. She pulls Ailene’s hair and pinches her and really whacks her than she turns and says “Nice Leny, I wuff you”.

She gets a big kick out of airplanes now and whenever she hears one I have to rush her outside and she says “Dere he goes up in the sky!!!” when she gets home she’s going to talk your ear ooff – so watch out between the both of them!!

My mother says the house will seem dead after they go & they all are going to miss them – she says only 5 weeks left today!!

Well dear, Ailene wants to write on the bottom – so I’ll make her some room.

Take extra good care of yourself – write us soon dear.

All our fondest love, hugs and kisses,

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy





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