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May 25, 1953.

Our own Dearest Har –

We love you madly – We had a very hectic day yesterday – went to my aunts at Portchester as planned and sat on the beach and got a nice tan.

Only thing is it fades on us – maybe this time it’ll stick. In the afternoon we took Ailene to see Portchester Castle – that is what’s left of it – built 400 B.C. – walls 4 ft thick we had a wonderful day.

About what the Limey’s up the street say – I think they have exaggerated a little – to start with things are very high – food & clothing is about the same as the U.S. and when you consider wages are only ¼ to ours you can guess how things are. But the stnadrad living isn’t as high as the U.S. and the people don’t crave luxuries. Refrigerators are being advertised in a big way but the people aren’t going mad to buy them as they are about $375. Furniture is very high but its made not mass produced. The variety of food is bad – there is no variety—but the people are content.

As regards living here – the only way I would like it is if you were working for an American firm and sent here.

Like w/Southampton the Standard Oil Company has a big refinery (I think it is) and all the employees are American and their families live on the grounds and all their supplies are brought over from the States. (Then that’s living a fair wage approx. $20 weekly – how do you think we’d manage on that??)

As regards the people being greedy – not down here in the South they aren’t. I’ve been trying to talk my family into coming over – I think I’ve made an impression to Jackie & Jill – my sis maybe but my mom says she wouldn’t be able to get work and she wouldn’t sponge off anyone. So she says she’ll come for a visit with Rita in about 3 years – O.K. with you, dear? My aunt wants to come over next year too!!

Having one big job trying to get Cheryl to make in the proper place – just hops on makes a kissing sound then hops right off again. Never mind I’ll keep trying.

You mentione souvenirs & toots I had planned to get them I just don’t know what to get.

Alan & Neil, Alan wanted a pen knife should I get one? Or isn’t it safe?

Well take good care of yourself all our love hugs and kisses

We love you loads and loads,

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy


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