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May 15, 1934.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022


No letter from you today. Don’t know why – I missed it.

It’s raining again today and I’m wearing my drizzle cape. Everyone likes it.

I went to the Dentist last nite and had my tooth treated. He said it was the same old thing – and there doesn’t seem to be much to doa bout it. He said if the tooth wasn’t through he could lance it, but since it is through except the back you I (not you) just have to let it come through itself. He spurt more hurty stuff on it and told me to come back tonite if it didn’t feel any better. But if it feels better I should come back Thursday nite. That means you must go with me. (Do you notice the change in my writing all of a sudden? I changed positions, that’s why.)

Was I lucky yesterday! I gave that perm to Mrs. M and she gave me a dollar. The girl (just a perm) in the afternoon gave me fifty cents and I had a retrace to give late in the P.M. and she gave me a quarter. Not bad, eh? Ah yes, I cut Thelma’s hair and that made another quarter in my bank.

This morning I had Mrs. Sammel and she always gives me a quarter. Oh my, oh my, oh my, I’m getting all out of breathe talking about all this money. It’s so unusual.

Today I’ll bank your monies. Daddy brought me to work this morning and stopped at the Telephone Co. and payed the bill – so that’s done. NOw let me see – was there anything else? Ah yes, I knew it – Guess what! Martin’s bunny came over in our garage and made a nest last nite and had her little bunnies in there. I didn’t see them but Daddy found them when he went for the car. He said she dug a deep hole for them. Isn’t that cute?

How are you making out as far as entertainment is concerned? I guess the shows are still closed here. Dotty and Mother are taking me to see a play at High School tonite. Hope it isn’t too amateurish. I think that was nice of Mother to buy me a ticket, don’t you?

Here’s Ed – she wants’ me to go to lunch with her. Do you want to talk to her – here.

Well if I must - I must. How is everything down there. Don’t drink to many sodas they sure will get you. For momsie and popsie tried it and look what it got us. Your momsie and I are going to lunch. Don’t forget party on Thurs night at Lou Kerbers home. Momsie

Gee, I forgot the party. It’s a good thing she said something.

Again – Obviously I must close. All my love + kisses.


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