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May 24, 1938.

Dear Nelda,

No, I wasn’t angry because you didn’t write, and hope that you won’t be peeved with me for waiting longer than I should to answer, but since you realize how all of that goes, I won’t waste any more time explaining.

How are you and Kaye? I know you are feeling much better since you quit work, but that came as such a shock to me that it really took quite a time for me to believe it. I’m so glad though, Nelda, because I know both you and Kaye are much happier with you at home. And how are Mr. Mrs. Crist, and Dot + Marty? I was terribly sorry to hear of Granny Wyant’s death. Was she at Mrs. Crists’ or at Uncle Blairs?

My whole family is feeling fine, so far as I know. Dad, Hugh, Weldan, + Maye came down to see me last Sunday afternoon in Raleigh. I was quite surprised to see Maye, but she really acted human for a change. That was mean of me to say that, but you know me (and Maye). No, Weldan isn’t married yet (I hope). Hugh is still in the office at the Revolution Mills + likes it very much. A Mr. Sternburger, one of the “many-men” about those mills, is talking to Hugh about driving him up to Mass. this summer. Hugh is making all kinds of plans to go, but as yet, the deal isn’t settled. Mr. Sternburger is going + he wants someone to drive for him. High is merely a prospect, but it all sounds favourable. I certainly do hope he gets the trip.

You asked about Dad’s leg trouble. Nelda, he won’t say it is better, but I really think it is. Each time it is mentioned, a certain light comes into Dad’s eyes, that makes me know he believes it to be much better. He lifts it much easier than he once did, and gets along well with his walking. He goes over to Danville, Va. once every week or two to a ( ) Doctor – one who rubs rather than gives medicine. I can pronounce the word but I can’t spell it, so maybe you know what I mean. Anyway, the doctor over them seems to be helping him lots. At least Dad has faith in him, and that is half the battle.

Grandma McAiston is in Greensboro now. She came to Aunt Bessie’s about a week ago. As yet, I haven’t seen her, but I’m going home this weekend for the first time in three weeks, so I’ll see her then. Up until three weeks ago, I went home practically every weekend for two or three months. I honestly got so tired of it that I almost hated Greensboro. However, that didn’t last long, because I can hardly wait to go this weekend. You see, I have moved here in Raleigh, + at the same time we break up housekeeping in Greensboro. All of that nearly drove me insane for a little while.Dad + the boys seemed so dissatisfied with keeping the house, so we just closed up on a 30 day trial. Hugh moved to the White Oak Hotel to be near his work; Weldan moved just off Lee St. on Glenwood Ave., + Dad got two rooms across town on Arlington Street – one for me on weekends. They seemed to be getting on each others nerves, so they separated. When they all decided they liked boarding, so we made plans to sell our house to the Church for the new parsonage. Our new preacher of two months (he’s about 30 + single) wanted the Church to buy it, but they couldn’t raise the money, so Dad is going to rent the downstairs of the house + he and I are going to keep the rooms upstairs + board with whoever rents the rest. At least those are the last plans. Ruth + Marvine are talking of renting it, + I hope they do. There is another couple or two also wanting it, so I really don’t know who will get it.

Dad always asks me before he does anything and I never know what is best because I am not home enough. I still almost wish that I would get fired here in Raleigh so I could go home. I feel sure I could get some kind of work there. However, I guess things will work out for the best. At least I’m hoping so anyway.

I told you I have moved in Raleigh too. Sounds like I’m dissatisfied in general, but to be honest, I really was. The girl whom I had been rooming at Mrs. Teagues moved her Mother + Father here from Marion, Ky. and I am boarding with them. I have a very attractive little room all to myself + I am enjoying it so much. I actually believe I will like Raleigh better now.

As for my bowling, I haven’t bowled in ages. I just can’t seem to get anyone interested in it + I don’t enjoy bowling alone. In fact, I’ve been working so hard recently that I haven’t done anything but work and rest.

I wrote Dot the other day + told her to tell Sam I am terribly peeved with him for not staying at my home in Greensboro about three hours longer, so I could see him. Of course he had other plans, but I would have loved to have talked to him for a while anyway. Dad finally called me after Sam left, but there was no need for me to go home then. Is he still working? I was sorry to hear that Ralph + Bob Bennet lost their jobs. I hope they are working again by now.

I’m so glad that Ralph + Marie “hitting it off good”. I think they are both swell. I had a letter from George not long ago + he said he thought it was “the real thing”. Luck to them! And what is Charlie Van Lassel doing?

Oh, I must close before I start another page + can’t quit. I hope I haven’t written too much. Remember me to Kay + hope to hear from you soon.



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