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May 23, 1953.

Our Own Dearest Daddy Har – 

Sorry to have to rush the letter last night dear – I only just managed to make it as it was almost missed the mail. We’re a poor sick family today – Ailene had a sty and overnight the thing broke and she was a mass of blood this morning Cheryl woke up with a cold and I’ve had a sort of boil on the calf of my left leg and I was putting on my girdle this morning and the thing broke so it was more mess but its a relieft because I’ve hardly been able to walk the past couple of days. Aren’t we a sad lot? Right now I’m curled up on the easy chair in front of a glorious fire writing this. Ailene went to the pictures with the boy & girl next door & Cheryl is helping Mom in the kitchen (?) (I’m resting up for the theatre tonight). 

I guess for a few hours of my writing this you’ll be off fishing – its 3pm here – 9 AM U.S. time. its the most damp day today and rather chilly with it too – never fails at a holiday weekend – just hope it clears up nice for Monday – I’m hoping to get a good sunning at my Aunts. 

Must try and answer Lollie & Mothers letters tomorrow if I get a chance. Ailene has made herself a lot of friends around here – its mostly hero worship though – you know “the big deal from America” – they come from all around to look at her and hear her talk – its really very funny. Cheryl takes over all the doll coahes she can lay her hands on and lines them up in front of the house then i go out of my mind trying ti find out which one goes where. I gave her lunch today and she took a couple of bites and said “I don’t want it” so I tried to get her to taste more and said its really good you should eat it – I love it and to my utter amazement she handed me the plate and said “Then you eat it” and left the table – were all dumbfounded but she says things like that leave me flabergasted – I don’t know where in the heck she gets it from. Now she’s got a pencil and paper is “writing to daddy” lots of wuff & kisses – I wuff you daddy – it’s a scream to hear her talking to herself. When my mother starts to sing she says “Stop that noice I got a edache!” ah me! it’s a life!! 

I didn’t get a letter for 2 days – now I’ll  have to wait for Monday – don’t think I shall survive – do you still miss me dear? or are you getting used to it by now? 

Well toots, coming down the home stretch, take very good care of yourself and don’t catch all the fish – save some for others – write to me soon now – all our fondest love, 

Ailene, Cheryl and Sandy 


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