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May 23, 1944.

May 23, 1944


Dear Folks,

Bob Hopes on now, it nine oclock just about the time he was on back home. I see Brenda + Cobena are still with him as he’s witty as ever. We also picked up radio 5th Army and they have good music. They also loved cant to the Krauts.

Today received another letter from Aerrie Golden also a picture of her and she looks quite different from the first pictures she sent. She’s still hoping we meet some day in England. There also was another charge of page for printing pictures + a letter from Elle with cartoon in it. The word sure looks like “by” even now than “spy” but you know my writing. It was a soldier any way.

One of the boy got a “pint” tonight so everything is “Bon” “Bon”.

Last evening I went for a ride to get our water was the first time I’ve driven a jeep in a few months. Looks like from now on will get our own water or we have a place that is just like home. The water is nothing like when we first came over in fact we find little difference in it.

Walter got a German [unreadable] from his hotel so we are going to [unreadable] from his to mine and we can to mine and our place sure looks like a hotel. We have taken a section of the roof off and made it so it can be lifted off in the day time so the sun comes in. [unreadable line] …appreciate in sunlite. (drawing)

That’s all just about wind this letter up. Right now the boys are singing “When the War is Over We’ll All Enlist Again” but that just propaganda.

Till tomorrow.

Love as ever,

Bill –

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