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May 23, 1934.


Are you surprised? Well, it happened this way – yesterday I was busy till six o’clock so I didn’t get a chance to write to my sweety. Then I thought well, I won’t write any more this week – but on second thought I decided you might be as disappointed as I was last week so I went over the sub-station and ask about air-mail – that was too slow so they told me to send it special before 12.00 so here I is.

Mother got her Birthday card, and was she pleased! She said “Why, I didn’t think he’d think of my Birthday” and she showed it to every one. I got her a slip. She needed it badly. Dotty got her a cake and we put candles on it. Then Dotty baked 2 custards and bought a pint of ice cream (of her own money) and we had pie a la mode. She was all surprised.

I didn’t write to Vernie yet. Maybe after while I’ll have time.

Gee, I’m glad when you will be home every evening. We sure are missing a lot of fresh air, you + I.

It’s rather chilly today. Yesterday was blistering hot till it rained – then it turned quite cool again.

I’m sure glad you got a good work man for change. Maybe that will help smooth things out a little for you. Did you sleep well in your new bed? That was a break, how did it happen?

Spitfire is down at the Capitol (or the Strand, I don’t know which) will go to see it Thursday, or Saturday if it’s here then. I’m anxious to see it.

Will close, till Thursday keep thinking of your own.


Love + Kisses

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