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May 20, 1953.

My own dearest Har & Daddy, 

Excuse pencil please – everyone is at work nd so are their pens – I’m still trying to get a refill for mine but they are all made different & don’t fit my pen. I suppose I will invest in a new pen there goes a hole in my budget. 

Today turned out really beautiful – its real warm this afternoon – I thought that if I got through with my work early I’d take the kids on the beach – but its 3-30 & I just finished so we’re in the garden getting a summer bath. 

Had a surprise today – got a letter from mom & one from Lollie – Moms says that she is missing and she can’t wait for July to see us and she begs me to write her often, & if I have a picture of us to please send it to her… Don’t say anything to Lollie – she wrote it for mom is liable to repeat anythign you say. 

Jackie transplanted lettuce plants on Sunday and now you should see them – Cheryl has trodden everyone down – But he won’t say a word – instead he’ll buy her a candy — Golly are they making up for lost time giving the kids whatever they ask for, & when I complain they say its the first time they are seeing them & who knows how long it’ll be before they see them again – oh well!! Guess I’ll just have to be patient!!

I made a batch of cupcakes and I think Cheryl has eaten all but 4 – & they weren’t even cool yet – those kids eat like pack horses.

Time is going dear – it’ll be six weeks today until sailing time – everyday Ailene asks how much longer till we  see Daddy and this moming she had a good cry & when I asked her what was wrong she said she was worried about her daddy & was missing him. —

What worries her most though is who is taking care of you & when I tell her you are taking care of yourself she says its not true someone has to look after you like I used to (I’m glad at least someone took notice!)

Cheryl just came over and said “kiss you mommy” then she put her arms around my neck and said “wuff you mommy” – she taks nice and plain now – and dresses and undresses herself and refuses any help from me – if she feels chilly outside she goes upstairs and gets her jacket and puts it on without being told even – pretty good eh? 

Mom has booked seats at the theater for Saturday night – it’s a good variety show – & Jack & Jill are coming & a friend of moms (she works with mom) – Rita is going to “sit” thi swill be the first time out without the kids – I shan’t know myself. Next Monday is a holiday – we’re all going to my aunts for the day – we’ll spend the best part of the day on the beach I hope – then the next Monday & Tuesday are also holidays – the Queen is going to be crowned. 

So there will be plenty of excitement. 

Well dear coming to the last lap & Ailene says she wants to write you – so I’ll save her about an inch or so of space. 

Take good care of yourself and eat and write real soon – all our fondest love to you – and regards to the neighbors and family. 

All our love, 

Ailene, Cheryl & Sandy XXXXXXX

Dear Daddy, 

ISLEAPLASTIC AILENE [written in childish scrawl] 

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