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May 19, 1953.

My Own Dearest Har & Daddy – 

Wowie!! Another letter again today – keep it up toots & this I love! 

So it finally came to a head with mother huh? She’ll use the kids as an excuse when I get back – she’s not so easily put off you know!! So!! – finally got you to put it donw in in writing that you love me so much – now you better watch out – because I’ll be waving this in your face – now you’d better show it when I get home – and none of this “I’m too tired!” routine!!! 

About my sis – I’ll give you “maybe when I can’t she could “ – when haven’t I been able? You know I’m always willing  – anyhow I don’t think she’d know how!! Ha ha! 

You know you have an awful lot to live up to when I return, these tatements you’re making you’re going to give me “much more time” this I have to experience to believe – oh Boy! Roll on time! ——

Saw a couple of girls I used to be friendly with in the good ole days they used to go the American dances also – But they “gave” and never did get an American husband – which was their aim – not they have married English Boys and are in the kid and curler Brigade and when i went up to them you should have seen their faces – naturally, I was all spiriting up & they were in clusters with a couple of dirty kids dragging behind. They were really giving me the once over and the girls too, and they said “Gee! You look just like the movei stars” – I really poured on what they had missed and they went home quite mad that they didn’t “hook” a yank. 

Have you seen any more of Bill? I was wondering if he was coming to England after all – I don’t think he will – Bea didn’t mention anything on the boat and when I asked her she sort of changed her subject. I guess her family must have refused. 

[…] I’m mighty glad that you’re going to save the one [fishing] for Ailene – I’ve been telling her that when we return we’re going to go fishing with daddy – to which she replied “You know he won’t let me use his rod – he only let ms earn it!”

By the way did Lollie decide to send the boys to day camp after all? Has she said anything to you about mother? You know you’ve got her where we want her. But she claimed her on her income tax – so she’s eligible for her company – lucky girl!! 

Don’t let it get you down. Though dear – I know one thing I don’t plan to be home too much – I’ll take the kids out driving the day […].

 We’ll all goof off for a while – they hate to stay indoors one minute an they are out in the garden all day until they go to bed  at night. Well toots – keep on writing – and keep telling me you love me – adore reading it – take care of yourself for us too we love you madly. 

All our love and regards for Mom & Kids, 

Ailene & Cheryl & Sandy 

Dear Daddy 

We love you lots and can’t wait to see you we’re going to give you big hugs & kisses.

Ailene & Cheryl 

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