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May 18, 1924.

Dear Alice and family:

The words of the illustrious Pershing: “We are here.”

Our stay in Minneapolis was quite different from the visit with Joe Goldsbury that we had, or at least I had expected. Our reservations were kept for us all the way through, as we had planned. In Chicago I asked the agent as soon as we got there if he would change mine to the middle of the car. He told me every bower in the car was already taken. As it was a night-ride I did not care much.

In Minneapolis we found Mrs.Goldsbury waiting for us with open arms, I hardly know how she recognized us, never having seen us but once and that was long ago. But no matter she took us in her car (after I had checked our bags at the depot) and we went up to Joe’s Club House for a swell breakfast and you may be sure we ate like wolves. The food was good and I was hollow from my mouth down. Mama did the visiting and I did the eating. D is graceful, was it not! We inquired after Maude Goldsbury and she took us over to Judge Eulen’s where we met the lady and made an appointment with her for lunch together at the Women’s Club. There again we had service fitted for Royalty.

But in the mean time Mrs. Joe took us in her closed car down to their cottage at the Lake, where they are now staying. We saw one of his daughters, Mary, who has finished High School and is going to enter Carleton next year.

At the Women’s Club while eating Mrs. Beaver came up and spoke to us. Perhaps you remember Prof. Beaver was connected with Fargo College when we first went there.

Well, we had a fine time in Minneapolis but we did not see Joe. He had gone to Chicago at a call from the head office. So we came right down here to Northfield that night and here we are having a grand time.

I am going to leave the details for Mama to fill out. We are lions! We are distinguished guests. Mrs. Rice and Florence took us out to ride in their nice new car and we saw the Campus in all its splendor and he took us around the East Road. We went into the Cemetery and saw your Grandma’s grave -- but as I said I am going to leave Mama to tell of our Northfield experiences.

With love,


Your Father


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