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May 17, 1953.

Dearest  Daddy & Har –

Just finished a pile of washing as big as the Eiffel Tower – the ruddy rain has only just stopped since last Wednesday night. Had to hide it from Mum – she’s been looking all over for it to do it. Now the darned ball point you gave me just ran dry so now I’m using Jack’s. It’s murder when it rains trying to keep the kids amused at home they have TV, that sort of takes up their time – but here they almost drove me to drink (soda that is). Its 3:30pm here, that makes it 9:30am U.S. times – i suppose you are still snoozing – although I had a rare treat today, the  kids were up at 6 o/C – so mom took them downstairs & I slept till 11o/c. Believe me I sure needed it too – sleeping with those two is like sleeping in a lion cage – boy will I be glad to sprawl out on my own  bed – all to myself for a week or so – you wouldn’t mind shifting to the studio, would you dear?

Did you go fishing yesterday? If so what did you catch – besides a cold. Mom made Ailene a little outfit for the Coronation Street party on June 2nd  – you know – a red white and blue affair – I’ll take her picture in it on the day, – now we are going to make Cheryl something. You remember how Cheryl used to hate being thrown about – now she loves it & Rita + Jack really go to town on the both of the kids and they are heaven – so you had better watch out for yourself they are really tomboys now!!!

How is your mother behaving nowadays? Does she spend much time at Lollies – + who is she fighting with on the street now?

How is Lollie + Dave + the boys? Give everyone our love!!!

They Town is starting to get every metropolitan – the foreign sailors are starting to arrive – on Friday 4 large  Canadian ships arrived + on this Friday the Russians are supposed to arrive – that ought to be fun.

Mum’s booked seats for the theater next Saturday – it’ll be good to get out at night for a change. Most nights its fine, we take the kids along the front ( the same as the boardwalk) and the air really knocks them out.I was supposed to play tennis with Rita today but backed out at the last minute thought about how much I’d been aching and paining the next few days– chicken, aren’t I??

I imagine the Rec will coon be closing for the summer won’t it? Never mind I’ll save all the scrubbing for you dear – to keep you trim!

Well toots that is about all for now – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do now!! Take care of yourself and write very soon + remember we wait for your mail. Give our regards to the neighbours – that is the ones who are interested! 

All our fondest love, 

Ailene – Cheryl– Sandy 

Dear Daddy, We love you lots and lots + miss you a great deal.

All our love, 

Cheryl + Ailene XXXXX

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