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May 15, 1953.

My Own Dear Boy & Daddy, 

Got your letter today boy!! 

Thanks a lot – sarcastic aren’t you? No I really don’t miss you – just saying so – you big goon!! Do tell – you’re actually going to teach me to drive – wowie– what have I done to deserve such favors from the Gods? I should drive you around a Saturday perhaps? No fear – I’ll let you make sure the kids are taking a nap & I’ll take off!

[Water damages]

Did she ever get her social security? You said she was a lady of leisure – I wondered what on! My grandma was very glad to see us and showered the kids with candy  etc. – my mother tells me she had to sell another house about 18 months ago – so I imagine my aunt is carrying out “mopping up operations”

Mom & Rita hope to come in about 3 years – you see mom has to retire at 60 – so then thats when they are coming for a vacation – f she comes to live mom has to forego her pension. You must have read my letter wrong – I don’t want anyone to come with you when you meet us dear. “I wanna be alone.” 

Tell Raymond he can’t bloody well take off after we’re home. I’ll pelt him with that fruit cake if he dares. There was no Southampton toots – its raining buckets and I don’t feel like trekking all that way and getting drenched. So I’ll try again next week.

By the way when is Fathers day? I know it is in June – is it the 14th? They don’t celebrate it over here so don’t feel bad if you don’t get cards dear – you know I love you anyway dontcha? Or do ya?

I don’t mind you only being home a couple of days with us toots – but do you think for one minute that you’ll have the strength to go back to work? After I’m done with you’ll need crutches!! – ha ha no wisecracks! 

Did you go “horseback” sitting with Bill after all? How was the horse– cooperative? How’s work going? Any easier? Have to save your energy you know. (You’ll need it to carry the bags – ha!)

Ailene wants to know why there haven’t been any kisses lately – come now dear! (not really) you’re slipping!

Cheryl walks downstairs alone now – you’ll see a big difference in her – she’s quite grown up now.

Well ducks thats it for now – take great care – and write soon – 

All our love, hugs & kisses

Ailene– Cheryl – Sandra!


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