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May 14, 1953.

Watcha!! Our little golden cup (or it perch?)

So you were jealous of my writing you sitting on the beach you had to go to Holmes buy to reply huh? Seriously though dear I’m very glad you at least made a catch – how come Benny took up fishing? 

By the way you had better watch your language in your letters Ailene makes me read them to her so I pick out the right kind of paragraphs  for her little ears. Today I was reading about your fishing and came to the part where you wrote (quote) “But those bastards won’t bite.” And you should have seen her face – she said I’m going to tell grandma what you said mommie – that’s not nice! 

So from now on  boy use your educated pen!! About the Prudential babe, I hate for it to get behind, isn’t mother paying hers? How about mailing it to the office - I did tell the agent mother would pay it for me till I got home again but then its better not to rely on her huh? 

What was it she said that started you off at her? We’ll really have to start looking for a place of our own dear miles from the mansion – you know “to far to travel”. 

Happy to know you’re sleeping at home. I keeping the bed warm. 

You say I must be homesick well its mostly “Harry–ick” I so miss you loads old chap – and all the familiar things you know having a home every thing personal and all the knowing it but if you were here I wouldn’t care if I never went back I’d be happy anywhere.!!!

I’m hoping to go to Southampton tomorrow if it doesn’t rain– its just starting to rain now – 9:55pm here. Did you ever decide what you want me to bring you back toots? Are you sure you don’t want a jacket dear? I have more couponss!! I’m not allowed to buy anything with them for anyone in this country only for my immediate family with me. About taking a cabin the night we land – I think it be bestif we went home – I hate to subject the kids to more strange beds than necessary– but we’ll see on that day – OK? 

Cheryl has a new drinking song “Bye Bye Booze” (Bye Bye Blues) & its a riot – she stands wagging her tushy and moving her hands when she sings it. Its really funny when we pass a police man directing traffic– you know how they move with their hands over here- - well Cheryl does the dance more – “No More –Bye Bye – God Bless”and waves her hand and blows a kiss – half the time they stand their amazed!!

Do you still eat suppers out? Are you eating good food? Don’t eat junk now – consider your tummy. 

Well toots take great care of yourself for us and write again real soon and we all love you madly you dear boy!! Regards for the family.

All our love, 

Ailene Cheryl & Sandy


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