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May 13, 1953.

Dearest Har & Daddy — 

First let me say “thank you” for Ailene – her comics arrived today and she was thrilled to pieces– and I was happy to get the magazine sections too – a nice reminder of home!! I was disappointed no mail from you but then I gues I shouldn’t expect everything, should I?

I meant o tell you in yesterdays letter that Jackie did get the cigarettes – although for financial reasons he and Jill stopped smoking; trying to save you know – they cost 60 cents for 20 here. I did but another carton on the boat for my uncle– they’re only $1.40 a carton at sea– How about if I got a couple of cartons for you on the way back – (Philip Morris?) 

Jackie liked the cuff links & tie pin so much he couldn’t decide which to take so I gave him both. – my mom & sis were crazy over the hose so after handing a couple pairs to the necessary relatives, I gave the others but I kept all the seamless for myself & 3 pairs of the seams – the way I am with stockings – I really need’em.

We had the kids on the back again today – they are just crazy about it & Rita took a couple of snaps of us – giving the kids all the beach now because in a couple of weeks it’ll probably be impossible to find even space to drop a pin. All the foreign naval ships are starting to arrive for the Naval review – and its expected that between 30 – 40,000 asilors a day will be coming ashore. Plus all the damed visitors that are due here for vacations. 

Wrote to Mother last night – hope she’ll be happy now – and stop getting you annoyed. Jackie wants to take me dacning sometime – but I’ll not go until you say you don’t mind – after some of the remarks you’ve made about me going I wouldn’t go with my own father unless you approved – so lets have it Ducks, yes or no?? 

It stays light so ruddy late as you know – that when I put the kids to bed the sun is still out and shinig right into our roomand naturally they wouldn’t sleep. They kept playing – so I got out on our wartime black out drapes and now it’s perfectly black & they drops off in no time. They are really making up for last time – pulling the garden apart & dirtying the walls etc. & today Cheryl broke a very old vase of my moms – belong to her ancestors its years old * I’ve broken four good cups since I’m here. She really know she has grandchildren now I bet – but she’s very good tempered about it all – says whatever they do is quite all right. 

Well babe that’s it for now – take very good care of yourself for us and write soon. 

All our love, hugs & kisses – your three lovely ones

Ailene – Cheryl – Sandy 


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