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May 12, 1953.

My own dearest Her & Daddy,

Hi Boy!! How’re you doin?

Many thanks for your letter – but I don’t quite like the way you keep telling me not to get into trouble — whatsmattta – you don’t trust me?

So you’ll love me all the more if I don’t go out huh? What an insult – I always said you didn’t love me to your very fullest– now take me– I love you so damned much I couldn’t possibly stretch it any more. Don’t worry ducks – I won’t go astray– have absolutely no desire to “saving all my love for you” toots!! You’d better watch out when I get home!!

Glad you liked the pictures dear – you’ll really see a big difference in Cheryl when she returns – really grown up. 

Today we went to Sandown at the Isle of Wight and the kids were thrilled to pieces, we went  by bus to the dock & then got on the boat and Cheryl said “Cheryl see daddy?” Then after we arrived at the island we had to take a train to Sandown and you should have seen their faces they were in seventh heaven. 

They had a grand old time on the beach and you know Ailene she dashed right into the water – not afraid, that kid. 

So you like the way my sister looks huh? Better make up your mind before July 1st which one it is you want and it had better be in my favor boy our you’re out $600 deductions as well – the kids I’ll keep – so let’s have it there Casanova!!

What was this job at Pendell? Same as you’re doing now? Nothing extra– like wages? Who was it with – come on kid now you give!!!

By the way are you happy now that I write everyday? I’m really going to write mother tomorrow – keep quiet before she starts down your neck I just hope she’s at Lollie’s when I get back – because I really feel good and relaxed – just like I used to & I’d hate all that tension again. Glad to hear Harry G. got another car – hope you two get all your fixing done by the 6th of July because I want you all to myself for a while – I don’t think that’s being too greedy do you??

Well toots that’s about all the news for now. Take good care of yourself – and don’t overwork now. We all love you madly & send our fondest love – hugs & kisses etc – Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do – and be careful how you do it!!

Bye for now, all our love. 

Ailene– Cheryl – Sandy


Big hugs from Ailene to you she says 

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