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March 25, 1937.

Dearest –

Spring sure’nuf is here, ha ha, tra la. We saw a little garden snake, 2 butterflies + a whole bunch of blue-bottles in bloom.

My writing is a little later this nite than others because Vernie + I were having a little session over the ‘Word’. The lady down stairs also had a few questions to ask. You don’t mind my writing a little later if I put a few profitable in such as these?

Honey, I am about sure I will be home on Thursday nite, but it will be pretty late I believe. We are going to finish up before we leave.

Spud + I went to the show last nite. Saw “Outcast”. The stars, Lewis Stone, Warren Williams +Karen Morley. But that was an unusually good picture. We are hitting pretty good movies down here I think.

Vernie just looked up from his task of writing to Mary and said “What do you with about all the time? I don’t know what to write about.”

We does, don’t we, honey?

So the weather nice up in York? I hope so, and I very much hope that you are feeling fine. THe election turned out down here as all the elections are going of late. Dem. Mayor and 3 Dem. Councilmen, 2 Rep. Councilmen. Gee whiz, I gotta even adress Vernie’s letter for him. He gave me a specific instructions to make it Mrs. Vernie E, and not to the ‘E’.

I haven’t gotten a letter from you yet, I’ll soon believe you don’t love me any more. (Just fun)

As always,



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