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March 18, 1945.

Southern France

March 18, 1945

Dear Mom Pop + Ele,

Thanks for the shot of the Christmas tree you returned to me. I hadn’t had it printed and was wondering how it came out. I gave it to Tom to send to his folks, along with the other shot. I promised Sold and a few other boys a shot of ot so if you’d have about 5 more made of that shot or a better one if any.

Tonight the photo flood bulb arrived in good shape. (I only hope I can keep it that way) The kids got a kick out of it when we tested it out. I noticed the box it came in is the same one Weston’s sent me for Christmas, that makes three times it has crossed the Atlantic ocean. (Thtat’s 1 more time than I ever hope too).

Yes, Millie, Walter and the rest are all still with me perhaps I’ve been to busy of late with Christina, the kids Georgette + Maragretta and the fellow as she heard to worry about Walter, he always quite busy, and works many more hours than I do. His paper work and typing some times takes him fare into the night. I guess you might best explain his work as a secretary to a Major + a Colonel. He likes it though. Yep old water is pretty important new now man in our outfit and will be even more so when we go into Germany since he speaks Dutch so well as French. If you will remember the still he still has the same silly grin (that Ele call “cute”) and  “to jour” (always to you) a ciagrette in his mouth.

Yes everyything is quite different than we thought it would be. We often talk about it at night , Walt and I. We are very proud of the guns we came over but we never see them, only a boat try etc.

Well, Fred, has some coffee made and opened a package with some cookies his wife made so I think I close and have a snack. The hound is sleeping and I think I will soon too. So “Bonne Wnee” “Bonne Repase” ——- “Good Night - Good Resting” as the French say. Even when you go to eat some one will shout from a window “Bonne Appettite” or “Good Eating”.

Love as ever,


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