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March 17, 1937.

Darling –

I received your letter this afternoon rather late. You don’t know how anxiously I awaited that letter.

Last night I worked till 6:30 – then I went down to see “Green Light”. It certainly was a good picture. I got up to the square at 8:30 and had to wait for a car till 8:45 and was it cold. It seemed as though I had been waiting for an hour. As soon as I got home I put on my lounging pj’s and thought I’d read. After awhile I found myself all curled up on the chair sound asleep – so I gets myself up and lies myself to beddy. Didn’t even set the alarm clock. But I got awake in plenty of time just the same.

I was very busy yesterday and very busy today and will be very busy tomorrow – aren’t I a busy girl?

Tonight I worked till 6:15 – and guess what – I walked home from work! Ain’t that wonderful? When I got home tonight the wash was at the head of the steps – so I didn’t have a chance to pay your Daddy.

I’m so glad you won’t be on that job so long – cause I don’t like you to be away so much.

Mrs. Green said her sister lives in Hagerstown. She did tell me her address but I forgot where she said.

You were thoughtful in taking that boarding place – I’m glad you did.

I’ve been taking my pills. Good gal, huh? Tonight I just finished taking a bath – two in fact one inside and one out. And now I’m so sleepy I can hardly see – so if this is pretty awful you’ll understand.

My folks got home Tuesday afternoon – early. They couldn’t come over the mountains they had to come by Lewistown. And the road between Maytown and E-town was drifted so they couldn’t through up to Tuesday night. I guess my folks go through alright Wednesday. I didn’t hear to the contrary.

Gee, I was going to write Louie tonight but i know darn well he couldn’t read it so I won’t go to the bother.

Goodnight, Sweetheart – I say “nowa” for you and I be a good girl and take my pills and everything.

With all my heart

I’m your


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