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March 12, 1945.

March 12, 1945


Dear Mom, I see the recent good news on the European front has sent the hopes of those inconvenienced by the war back home sky high. I hope you don’t include yourself when you say “some people thing the war will be over before this one or that this will be over in 2 months or so and the joy was 2 months there after”. Any dam fool can see the later part of that statement can never be just look at the map and you can see the land those [unreadable] hold. It would take at least 2 months to send American Soldiers to all those places with out fighting there way there. And as for the people who said that know more than the general know. ONly recently we had a lecture on what would happen when the war here was over. Just who would go to the Pacific etc. That should take care of that.

If any one wants to listen to there arm chair generals its ok by me, they’re living in a post war world any way, for them the war ended last Sept, for good, or was it December?

Early this evening a few letters and a packaged arrived for me. There were three rolls of film, speaking of film can you get a hold of any rolls of “Kodochrome” Kodak color film. Some of the fellows have gotten some haven’t I’d have to hold it to the end of the war. They sure are beautiful shots try and see if you get can a roll or two thats all. Other items in the package were cookies which I believe came from Broomfields? They were very good. Also there was jelly and crackers.

Mom, remember the book “Life in the Service” Dad sent me for Christmas, well there are two fellows who wish like one too. Ed, + Hil, so if you can get them they’d like it very much. You know the book I mean, with the brown leather cover + lose leaf pages

Yes the  hound sure is growing and his name turned out to be “J.P.”

Today for the first time a stork flew over head. Yes in this part of the world they really have storks. It is supposed to be good luck if he builds his nest no the chimney tower. They tell the kids also that the stork brings the babies and when other little children ask “Why is Mama in bed” they tell them “When the stork brought the baby he hit Mama in the foot.”

Well, I guess that’s about all for now.

Till tomorrow,

Love as ever,


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