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June 9, 1932.

Dear Cicely,

I am snatching a few minutes during school hours to pen you a few lines, and to thank you for your letter which I received a few days ago. I am glad to hear that your heart is beating almost normally again. Perhaps its just as well that I am not seeing you this year as the shock might prove too much for you. But of course you would be passing away in my arms and that would be so much consolation wouldn’t it.

Well, another Sweep has come and gone and still no luck has come our way, but I’ll keep trying just the same. Anyway if you buy a ticket and don’t draw a horse you get ten shillings worth of dreams. You should always at least a share because Twickenham is rather lucky. By the way who was the “Barbara” from Twickenham Green who drew the horse -- but perhaps you wouldn’t know. I was speaking to Toner the other day and he said he thought she was an old girl of his.

So Micky Duff has been accusing me of taking the matrimonial plunge; and did you really think for even a minute that it was true, Cis. Wouldn’t I be rather young yet for taking upon myself the responsibility of a wife and a home. No Cis, there is no danger of me doing anything like that for a good many years yet.

I’ll be going to Dublin on Saturday night the 25th and coming home on Monday morning 27th and I won’t be in bed all that time. You see the train from Magherafelt will leave about 10 o’c on Saturday night so we’ll be travelling at night. We shall be in Dublin all day Sunday and travel home on Sunday night and Monday morning. I’ll be tired when its all over. I was never in Dublin so, anyway, I shall be looking forward to going. You were wondering what it was all to be about, but I’m afraid I couldn’t really explain to you being of a different religious belief. The Congress is held in honor of Jesus Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharistic. It will last for nearly a week but my work will prevent me from going except at the week end.

We are having lovely weather here now. I hope it is good over there for you will need plenty of sunshine and fresh air for your heart. You see dear, I am very anxious about your heart for I think that you have a little place in it for me. Well I must finish now as I have to go for lunch and I want to post this on my way.

Write soon and let me know how life is using you. Please excuse this paper; I hadn’t anything else in the school.

With best love, I remain yours very affect.



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