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July 7, 1937.

Hello Cicely,

I received your welcome letter this morning, and it is with a great shock to me to hear that any many could be so low and mean, as to do such a thing as your husband did, how ever in your sorrow you have your little son to help you try & forget, which I hope you will in time, if I can be of any help, financial or otherwise, would be pleased if you would let me know.

You must remember that you are only a youngster yet and have a lot to look forward to, you can’t be much more than 22 years; which in my opinion is to young to get married, however I won’t deal with that any more.

No I am not married or engaged, but am still open to any eligible girl, who wants a 100 per cent man, there are lots of nice girls out here but some-how I’ve steered clear as I am only a kid yet.

You’ll have to excuse this scribble as I am writing this on my knee, but I guess you will manage to read it. The weather is very nice here in the summer, and there is a great tourist trade between Canada & the States, a large percentage of the tourists from the States come to visit the five Dionne baby’s he sure was a good man.

Do you think Cil I could land a job in England when I come home, if so I would stay and see a lot of you, I expect to be there Feb or March.

Do you remember me telling you that I would come home when I was 21 years and the first place I’d call was to see you, but you let me down, I guess it was not meant that you should get mixed up with me.

I haven’t had all honey over here I have had to do some fast & furious thinking to keep things on the move, but you remember; try, try again.

I sincerely hope that your Mother & family are well and kiss your baby once for me, it certainly as a nice name, its like you, it must be nice looking, if I was over there I think I would about kill that fellow. I thought of it all day at work.

Well Cil it’s getting late & morning comes fast so I’ll close.

Write to me soon.

God Bless you & Peter.



If you have any snaps please send one I’ll be going on holiday the first week in September and will send you a photo

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