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April 26, 1932.

Dear Cicely,

I hope you are still living at Tower Rd. but it is so long now since I wrote that you could be anywhere. I am sure your good opinion of me has changed considerably after all these weeks, or should I say months, of silence. My promise of a faithful correspondence have gone the way of many a good promise. It was not that I didn’t appreciate and look forward to hearing from you, Cis, but simply some form of carelessness or procrastination that sometimes gets you in its grip.

Your last letter I received towards the end of February as far as I remember and I was to send you some shamrocks for the 17th of March. I put off sending those till about a week before St. Patricks day and then I took the flu and was off from teaching for three weeks. However that does not excuse my not writing afterwards but when a correspondence falls behind at all the days fly so quickly that at last you feel ashamed to write as I feel now; so ashamed indeed that I could not feel at all angry or vexed with you if you never thought of answering this. But I hope sincerely that you will as I am very anxious to know how you have been getting along all this time. I have always been thinking about you although I didn’t write; and lately since the weather has improved, and everything is becoming so fresh and green again, I think of you more than ever; and strangely enough the picture of you that always appears before my mind is one in which you are dressed in your school costume, and you have a tennis racket in your hand, as you used to have in summer evenings at the foot of Tower Rd.

Are you still in Isleworth and has your friendship with your namesake still remained as strong. Perhaps if it is something more than a mere friendship you would rather that I didn’t write at all, but I’m sure there was nothing about our friendship that you would like to forget either. Do you ever see any of the boys from the College. I saw all the Irish boys at Easter. I was speaking to Bob Stoney but only for a short time. I suppose you see Hilda and Dorothy Brown. How are they getting along? Is Hilda still at the Country school. And above all -- yourself? I hope you are happy and having a good time. I suppose you thought I had really forgotten you -- but, I’ll never do that, no matter what happens. I hope you will write and let me know all about yourself though as I said before, I couldn’t blame you if you never ever thought of me again.

As for myself I am still teaching in Magherafelt and liking the work very much. I finish every day at three so that gives me a good long afternoon and evening to myself now that we are having summer time. I am writing this in school, Cis, and I’ll have to conclude as my boys are beginning to get a little rowdy.

I know you will write, dear, and give me “just one more chance” and believe me ever yours affectionately,



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