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June 26, 1937.

Dear Ceceila,

This letter no doubt will be rather a surprise for you, know about you have wondered what has happened to me well as you see I’m still around.

Since you last heard from me I have done rather well, I am on the engineering staff of Studio Electric Tower Commission of the province of Ontario at a salary of $6 a week.

I have been off since the 24th with an injured leg and will be for a couple of days.

I suppose I was to meet you on the street now I wouldn’t know you, I guess you have change a whole lot, maybe perhaps you are married but I thought I’d take a chance anyway.

Next summer I will be in England for a visit, when I hope to see you, and a lot more of the girls and boys.

Do you remember when I used to wait on the steps at Twickenham Railway bridge for you to come from the Country school? I wish it could happen all over again.

I trust you will excuse this writing as I’m laying in bed with a sore leg.

Well there was certainly a lot of excitement in England early this year over Mrs Warfield Wallis Simspon and the Duke of Windsor, now Stanley Baldwin handled it very nicely indeed, it was certainly very much discussed here in Canada, I listened to the farewell address and it was certainly very pathetic.

The weather here this last few days has been frightfully warm & stuffy and feels a lot like rain.

Well I hope that you have been enjoying good health and that you have a good position.

Kindest regards to all

I remain your friend

David W.P.

P.S. Would like very much to hear from you if you have any snaps would like to have one. Dave.

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