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June 7, 1937.

Dear Nelda,

Thanks loads for the card I got it on Tuesday and was glad to hear from you. Kaye told me he had a letter from you and said you were having a swell time. The Gray’s sure treat you swell don’t they. I know they did me when I was there.

I suppose you know that Blair + Martha and the kids were here over Declaration Day. Marie and I had a swell time. I expect before you come back I will have her down here. Gee Nonnie, then we’ll have some swell times. I can hardly wait.

I don’t know when I fell for any girl like I have for Marie. Listen don’t you let any of the Gray’s see this letter. I have my reasons. I guess you may have noticed I was showing Frances a pretty nice time when she was up here. Maybe I’ll tell you sometime just why I did.

This is just a little letter to try and cheer you or something. We all miss you but we are glad you can have this rest. I hope you are keeping quite well.

I have been over with Kaye a couple of nights and we get along O.K. We usually take a drive and then get some Ice Cream. So you see we are keeping Bachelor’s Hall O.K.

Kaye would like for me to come along when he comes for you but I’m afraid I can’t get off. He expects to stay a few days. I certainly would like to come but I expect Sam will come instead.

The conference was swell and everybody enjoyed it very much. I heard several say they wish we would make it an annual conference.

Well I reckon I’ll close Nelda and I hope your health improves and enjoy yourself while you can. If you get time drop me a few lines. So long

Your Pal


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