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June 6, 1946.

Dear Harry,

Thanks awfully for your sweet letter and the pictures– they are Tops! The pix I am enclosing is of my sis and myself–I was just saying that the old boy looked like Dracula– when he snapped us!– the cad!! Well, I hardly know where to start first— the news in your letter is really fine. I’m awfully glad for you dear and I do so hope that everything will turn out simply wonderful for you. Thank you for sending the films dear– I’ll let you know as soon as I receive them! It sounds as if you are going to have to work awfully hard to really get on your feet. As soon as I do “get my ride” over there, dear you can really bank on all the help you need from me – and that I mean!!…I bet I’ll be a buyer of an opening– especially as there will be nylons nocking around!! Better watch out you don’t get lynched…or something!!….Incidentally, the car sounds absolutely superb– don’t forget to send me a picture of it as soon as possi.

Darling– I know you’re just a boy working boy etc– any I love it– so please don’t worry!!

You’d never guess what!– Last Friday I was at home, after work— debating with my inner self whether or not to wash my hair, or start to paint the stairs– I was in the middle of my dark thoughts where in there was a heck of a rumpus at the front door, on investigating, I found it was my old girlfriend, that I hadn’t seen for absolutely years– on a “motor-bike”. It appears that she left here at the beginning of the war– they moved to Woking– since then she’s married a Canadian & is just waiting to sail– so she was throwing a weekend party and came down on the ‘bike’ to take me back with her. Wow! What a trip! Did we get started at?– I must admit that it isn’t the thing to do– I mean two ladies (?) on a motor cycle!! The going was rough, & it was an age before I was able to sit down without yelling. I wonder how long I’ll be before I do finally get across, I haven’t heard anything more so far. You know sumpen? When the U.S. army issued you with the O.K. for our marriage, they should have sent me a “Form 4”, this enables me to get my passport also helps as regards to passage. But they didn’t send me one– so now I’m trying my darndest to get it now! (All for now– more tomorrow!)

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