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June 6, 1919.

Dear Alice,

For your birthday present I want to give you my best wishes of course and all the joy and happiness you can get out of an Electric Bread toaster. Of course you may already have one already, in that case get whatever you may wish with the money I send you. It is unnecessary to pay transportation charges to New York, and besides perhaps, it is barely possibly that you might get one that would suit you better than any that we should pick out here.

Of course Fargo is the “Gate City” but I judge from what I hear New York has just as many stores as we have and perhaps a different kind. At all events, get what you want or save the money for your old age. That time comes to us all.

Mama has had your present in mind for a long time. I think it is fine! It will save a transfer a few years hence.

We wonder what you are doing to celebrate. I think I shall play some of the records you have sent us. That was the way I celebrated the Armistice News. Really, Alice, I would not have time then backwards in its flight. If we really live up to our best light we ought to be ready for the change when it comes. Age brings its weaknesses and its infirmities. We can get most out of life when we make others as happy as we can and do our duty each day as it comes along. God has ordered it aright. Let us do our part. Let us play the game and play it fair.

You have always been a great joy to your father and mother. We want to make you as happy as we can. Happiness consists not on what we have. Happiness wells up from within.

We wish you much joy and prosperity,

From your father,

F.E. Stratton

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