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June 5, 1934.

My Darling,

I received your letter about half an hour ago, so I finished my permanent and decided to chat with my Honey awhile. By-the-way, the desk top is still loose and hangs down but the light is alright today.

I’m awfully sorry about Vernie and Mary. It certainly looks things are terminating as far as their unhappy union is concerned. Sadie is a very inconsiderate beast – I think letting you in a hole like that. But I guess she wants attention too, huh?

Honey, Mother said they are going down to Uncle Lloyd’s the Sunday after the 4th and I could go along down. They will be coming back Tuesday or Wednesday. It would scarcely cost my anything to go with them and I feel extravagant going anywhere you can’t go and spending money that you can’t enjoy. I don’t know what I’ll do.

I have something almost incredible to tel you. You remember us talking about [unreadable] that Millard run for awhile. Oh, in fact that girl who lives on Prospect St., where we see Millard’s car. Well, to get to the story – she just had a baby and she had Millard arrested. I don’t know what’s going to come of it. He swears it isn’t his and he’s going to fight the case I believe. It was supposed to have happened last August and he says she was upstate last August at that time with some other man. Now isn’t that something. Squire called Ed and told her it was true yesterday. He had heard the rumor on Saturday and told her Sat. nite but they didn’t believe it. Then yesterday he found out it was true. I guess she went with any and did anything and then decided Millard was the best of the lot and is now trying to rope him in. Of course he can’t expect all the fun in the world without anything, can he? Aren’t you surprised? Helen just laughed + laughed and said ‘As sure as hell if I see him I’ll yell, ‘Hi Pop’.’

Well, now I think I wrote you enough to last till Thur nite, don’t you, Darling?

Your own Nelda

Barrels of Kisses and all my love

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