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June 4, 1934.


Well, here’s your little tyke writin’ to ya. How are you anyway? I’ll bet it’s plenty hot down there today – how about it?

My shoulders are red today but I don’t feel it at all. Maybe I won’t get so sore this season, huh? Baker is all sunburned from being down at Annapolis yesterday with Harry. They were fishing for eels. Ugh!

Ed said Minnie went with them yesterday to “Twin Bridges” up from Gettysburg somewhere. Now you can beat that. And she wanted to stand on her head against trees and everything. I don’t make connections, do you? Well we had a swell time anyway, how about it, Honey? I wish I was up there today, don’t you?

I have a permanent this P.M., one tomorrow morning and one tomorrow at 4:15 which will take me awhile in the evening.

We got a new girl today. Ann Goodling – she is Evans Goodling’s sister, know him – he graduated in ‘28.

I was talking to Baker about vacation today. I think I can get one week when your folks go to Erie. I don’t know if I’ll go for sure or not. Maybe I’d be extravagant and I was just picturing to myself how it would be, going away without you. And the picture wasn’t so attractive. But I have plenty of time to think it over. If you could go too I’d jump on the idea.

This is wretched writing – if can in anyway be so called. But under the circumstances I believe it will be excused. The top of the writing desk shakes with every move of the pen, it leans at about a 45* angel (or angle I don’t know which) the light is out above the desk (burnt out) and last I must go to lunch in five minutes and am not dressed yet.

Will write tomorrow again and will be looking anxiously for my letter from you tomorrow. All my love.

Your Little Tyke

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