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June 29, 1924.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Dear Papa and Mama,

These next four days will be busy days. We leave Thursday evening at 9:45 Standard time -- 10:45 Daylight Saving. Have all Friday in Montreal. Have room engaged at the Queen’s Hotel if you should want to write there. The “Dore” leaves Saturday morning at 10 A.M. Standard time from Alexandra Pier, Shedo 4 + 6. Tuesday we go to picnic at Midland Beach. I hardly think I will let Arthur go bathing as I am so afraid he might get more cold or something else. His cough is still with him but gradually weaning off. Tomorrow we pack the silver, send it to the bank etc. I also want to get Papa’s birthday present off if possible. Wednesday we shall get our luggage off.

Beginning with the first letter I write on the boat I will number them so you will know whether you receive them all.

We are looking forward very much indeed to the trip and only wish oyu were to be with us. Did I tell you Mrs. Rose and Ruth start for California on Tuesday. After they had their tickets all bought and reservations Mrs. Rose had an ulcer form on her eye. She couldn’t open it and had to go to a specialist and for a time was afraid her trip would be delayed but every thing came out all right. She stops a day in Colorado Springs Salt Lake City, goes to Los Angeles, where Ethel and Mrs. Rose’s sister meet them there by boat to San Francisco.

Arthur won second prize in his sermon report. Robert White a boy in 3rd year High School first. Mr. Dike announced that two of the judges voted for No. 1 (Robert’s) and one for No. 3 (Arthur’s) for first place. Arthur is so satisfied and pleased. As he has a little over his $5.00 for Europe he is going to put this in the bank.

Harry was glad to see the newspaper report of the Chaska Synod.

No, Harry’s who’s who has not come yet. He may write them to send it to Fargo in your care. I will write once more from here, also from Montreal,

With love,


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