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June 28, 1938.

Dearest –

Here I am again. I was down to Maryland today to work. Bill sent me down to finish a church floor and said I may have the day for it. I finished at 2:30. I fix him, huh?

Honey, if the weather at Sandy Ridge is as wet as it is in York I’ll wager you aren’t having such a hot time. Gee it sure is raining some around here. The creekbed begins to look more like the newly named Codorous River.

When I got home this morn I saw a large envelope from Pittsburgh Plate and it was pretty fat so my heart felt a little heavy on getting my article back, BUT – attached to my article was a letter from C.G. Short stated that the article was good (he said all my material is good) but he wants it another time as long and asked me to give some of my own experiences with the cheap paint. Ain’t that swell honey?

I just now looked over to the fish bowl and saw the whole bunch in one group looking toward me and there I remembered that I didn’t feed them this morning so —--- now they have a double dose.

I must be at work until 5:30 P.M. tonite. I worked at Kresge’s last nite also. Boy, one of these mornings I won’t wake up until noon. Ha, ha.

Greener just told me that Clair bought a new car. He traded his sedan and the pretzel truck in on a Ford convertible coupe. He owes $500.00 yet and he is only working 3 days a week + just got a 10% cut in wages. Not bad, huh? (whisper) → Bill gets $27.50 a week salary. She told me that too.

Well it’s four o’clock now and I must shave + eat supper until 5:30. I think I”ll go to mother’s for supper.

Honey-pie, my new article for Pittsburgh Plate will have about 1200 words and that means $12.00. I’m going to wait until you are home so you can help me with it. You will, huh? If I could only sell one article like that a month, that would help out a bushel.

Jim Hollerbush is building Vernie his house. He’s building 3 at Lincoln Park. Each one for $1500.00 and with interest + taxes it will be paid in 8 years at $16.00 per mo with $300.00 down payment.

We might talk to him about one for say $2500.00 At about $20.00 a month it would be paid off in 10 or 11 years with a $300.00 down payment and then it would easily rent for $22 or $25 a mo. Ken is thinking of one like Vernies.

Well I must close – so goodbye for now.

Until Saturday

All my love,


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