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June 2, 1944.

Dearest Daddy, 

Got a letter from Marcia today and she invited me out to Ohio to see her because it is so hard traveling by train with a small baby - he’s is 3 months older then ours. She is homely too. 

Went in swimming again tonight the raft was out so it was a love more fun. Patty and I jumped and Mercy did the diveing. We all want to go down to Crescent Park tomorrow night and ride on the roller coaster. It is fun to be down here where there are some girls to go out with and someone to take care of Sherry too. 

Ernest and Ruth have company tonight -they are playing bridge. I mad a cake today and it came out swell. I made a pineapple pie for my dad for his birthday too - they both came out swell. I am going to do Ruth’s wash in the morning and if my check comes I’m going into Prov. to meet her and see if I can get me + Sherry yellow dresses. I will have quite a busy day as you can plainly see. One of the boys over at the school is making me an ornament out of a turtle shell - he is going to put my initials on it in gold paint. G.T. I hope he will make me another one to match before I go home. The same fellow took a picture of Sherry and me this afternoon. If it comes out good I will have some copies made of it for the gang - that is if I get the negative.

Earnest has been planting corn all day. Left a kid from school who works on the farm was taking a wagon load of fertilizer up the field with the tractor so Mercy, her mother and I all rode up on the wagon and rode back on the tractor. Boy was it fun. By the way the oldest of these boys is only 16 or 17 just kids. David Smith is trying to follow in his fathers footsteps - he is on the track team for school - he is going pretty good too. 


Here is it Sunday again - I have been down here a week today and they want to keep me another week. I went to city yesterday - met Ruth and had lunch then took a bus out to Pawtucket to the New York Lace Store - I found me a yellow dress but there wasn’t any for Sherry. I tried to get her some sleeveless shirts too but couldn’t find any of these either so I came home with 2 pairs of rubber pants. I am going to get the material and make her some in different colors. Think I can make them cuter than I can buy them. Pink, blue, + yellow. 

Ernest, Patty, Mercy and I went over to Warren for Sundies this afternoon. Ruth wasn’t interested so she stayed with Sherry. Had fun. 

Patty had some French to do - she had to look up and write about the names of 40 men. Mercy and I have been helping her write them. Have you had any mail from home yet? Sure do hope you have. The Smiths came after Mercy tonight so I will be here alone the next week except for tomorrow when Patty will be home for the day. 

Again everyone has gone to bed and I am sitting here alone and writing to you. 

I now have 2 turtles one with my initials and 1 with yours. They are very pretty the colors are grand. They cut out the name of the outfit your in from your letter. 

We went to Crescent Park and went on the Roller Coaster twice on the Ferris wheel and merry-go-round once. We all took a dollar to spend and that’s all. We had a good time too. 

I am going quite a lot while I am down here because there is someone here to take care of baby and I won’t be able to when I go home. 

Still haven’t heard from Aunt Alice so don’t know if it’s O.K. to go up during Junes vacation the last of this month or not. 

I sent you a pk. of gum and razor blades awhile back. Hope you got them O.K. Will wait to hear from you before I send anymore. Your folks sent you a package from New York when they were down for Freddy’s graduation. They are going to send you some gum and blade too. 

Well darling guess this better be all for tonight it is 11:45 PM and I have to get up at 6AM with Sherry. We both love you very very much. 

I love you more than anything else in the world. Sherry too. 

Goodnight and pleasant dreams my darling. 

Lots of love

“Mommy + Sherry” 

P.S. hope you get your mail soon Marcia couldn’t come down here because of traveling with the baby but it’s O.K. for me to go out there. I love you. “Gerry” 

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