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June 19, 1938.

Dear Nelda,

Since you were so sweet to answer my last letter with such an interesting one, I have decided to answer soon too. You really told me all about the Penna. News for which I am very grateful, because I always like to hear about the people whom I know there.

So congratulations are in order for Dot + Marty. I’m glad, because I think so much of both of them. Dot + I have always seemed to have a little trouble keeping our correspondence going regularly, but I think just as much of her as I always did, and you know that’s plenty. Marty is swell too, even if he is a “spoiled” child. He really can’t help that, + sometimes I can sympathize with him. I expect I would be lots better off today if I had not been “petted” quite so much when I was growing up. Anyway, I am wishing Dot + Marty lots of luck and happiness. I wrote Dot a few weeks ago, so I am hoping to hear from her soon.

I should think Kaye’s 178 lbs. Do speak well for your cooking! If he keeps that up he will soon be going on a diet. And I’m glad you are gaining too, because I know you must feel lots better.

How are your Mother + Dad? I’m so glad Mrs. Crist stood Grandma’s death so well. I was worried when Dad told me about her death.

Does Ralph have work yet? Gee, he’s having a tough time it seems. But it’s like you say, he + Marcie can’t live on love – so he had better take it slow _ easy. They are both nice kids, and I can remember once when I was quite fond of Ralph myself, but I guess I outgrew that. Best wishes to them!

And as far as Charlie Van Tassel, well he takes the cake. When we were there last summer, everyone thought he was so crazy about Frances M. but I thought that was an odd match. Charlie had a little more life to him than Frances it seemed to me, and it looks like he decided the same thing, so he did something about it. Did they go to the Van Tassels to live? They had better live to themselves, unless they can get along with their parents better than most newly-weds.

I’m sorry we missed Sam again, but tell him if he comes to Greensboro again soon to look us up on Florida Street as usual. The boys are still boarding, but Dad got enough in 30 days so I spent Memorial Day helping him move back home. We rented the downstairs to Ruth + Marvin + Dad kept the upstairs which has two bed rooms and a living room now. We made the front bed room (where you slept) into our living room. Last week end I was home again, + spent the entire time getting the apartment straightened up. I took Mon. off from work + bought new curtains, shades + small rugs, and finally got everything in order just in time for me to take my bus back to Raleigh. Dad seems to be enjoying this place better than any yet, so maybe we are at long-last about to get settled. He takes his meals with Ruth, but we are responsible for our apartment, so we really get along swell.

I haven’t been doing much of anything recently except working real hard. Our routine in the office has been changed completely, which puts just twice as much work on me. Of course, it makes it much harder, + so very nerve-racking, but I’ll through it I guess – I always have.

No, I don’t have a regular boy friend now. I date different ones and have lots of fun doing that! Maybe someday, I’ll get serious minded for a change and settle down to one, but at the present that seems a long way off. Sometimes I wonder maybe if I wouldn’t be better off if I did fall in live. I’ll fool you some day, and let you know when I hit rock-bottom.

You know, I haven’t been down to Main street at home looking for Rob-in-son- since you left I don’t believe. I’ll have to look him up again.

A couple of weeks ago Mrs. Asher’s son, who is a student in Richmond University, was down to spend the week end (I live with the Ashers) and he wa going to give me my first swimming lesson, but it rained us out. So I have signed up to take swimming lessons at the “Y” for the next eight weeks – three lessons a week. I can’t swim a stroke now, so wish me luck! J.W. (Mrs. Asher’s son) asked me down to Norfolk, VA. to spend a week end with him while he is working there this summer so if I learn to swim I think I’ll take him up on the invitation – that is provided his girl friend from Ky. doesn’t hear about it. Now isn’t that nasty of me? However, I’ve never been to Norfolk, + I know I would enjoy the week end, so I probably will go.

Thanks loads for your invitation to York, + if I get half a chance I’m coming. Hugh isn’t going to Mass. so that’s out, but maybe I can talk Dad into something.

I have read “Danger Is My Business” today by John Craig, + thoroughly enjoyed it. He is a jungle adventurer + deep sea diver + of all the thrilling experiences, he had them.

I believe I’ve written out of news so give my regards to Kaye + remember me to all my Penna. friends.

Love, Frances

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