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June 13, 1938.

Nelda Dear:

I have waited impatiently for several weeks for a letter from you sorta homesick feeling gosh did I miss you all when I came home.

Nelda when are you and Kaye coming up to visit me. I had a letter from Wolfie I invited him up for the weekend of the 25th I do wish you and Kate could arrange to come up then also. You know thinking back you may think I was rushing you on your visit but really you know I am so darn impetuous and anxious and for your visit now Mrs Peters will be delighted to have you all anytime now don’t think because they were planning on moving it wouldn’t make a bit of difference only thing we would be living in an apartment in Philipsburg but as yet have found none to suit us I am hoping they will stay on till September it is so lonely in the Summer here but terrible in the winter. If it just doesn’t suit Kaye you could come up with Wolfie and visit me and he could come for you. But I do hope we can all get together.

How are all your folks remember me to them. Was your Mother up at Sproul lately? How have you been feeling? I do hope alright gee a bracer of this air will do wonders for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Love Madalynne

Hello Kaye

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