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June 11, 1937.

My dear Mrs. Roth,

We received your card and was glad to learn that you arrived safe. “Gee, but we miss you, we knows we love you or we would not think of you. Hope dear you come back to us safe. And farther more we hope you will be well when you come back. Hope you are having a nice time while away. Suppose you are doing many new things and seeing lots + lots of country. Sam was here to see Kaye this eve but we had gone for supper. I had made many things and was going to invite Mr.Roth but he had gone elsewhere for eats. Mr Green got his teeth out. And he had quite a time. I sure am glad that is over. Mr Roth seems quite lonesome without you. I mean his little “Pal” and I don’t blame him for it is lonesome for him. bBut it won’t be so long now till the fourth of July. I sure do pray that you will be strong + well again when you get back. The strawberries are here in full swing. Are the berries and cherries the same out there? Nelda I washed 11 sheet after the commotion was over. But I believe they all had a nice time. Mr Roth said they could hardly part. Mr Roth said you were playing the piano, I see where you get a piano Ha Ha Nelda I have not been so myself, I think it is old age pains Ha Ha but I am not getting spring over it. Wish I would. Mr Green told Mr Roth to-nite he would like to surprise you, drive up to the house, see if you would be ready to come along with us. I think Kaye is looking forward to the time. Every thing else is O.K. as far as I know. Well Nelda take good care of yourself and get well. Please excuse this paper but I wanted to write, so that’s that.

Good bye dear + lots of love from both

Mr + Mr Green

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