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June 1, 1944.

Dear Virginia:

I received your much appreciated letter and was glad to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been skating lately but I am sure that won’t break away from it entirely. Much to my surprise I received a letter from Gail and she told me she was thinking of getting engaged. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that she is still kind of young to be thinking of that.

We just got in off the field yesterday and boy was I glad. While we were out for the three weeks I bet that I didn’t get 3 full nights sleep. Yesterday was payday and it didn’t come any to soon. It isn’t so big as what I got at home but it does seem to last me.

As of yet I haven’t received your picture but I hope you will send one soon. I’m afraid the old gang has forgotten me already for I haven’t been receiving any answers to my letters. I’m in the best of health with a tan that’s beginning to make me look like a negro.

You’ll have to excuse me writting in this letter as I am writing it on my bed. The writing room is closed so I just picked the next best place. While I had better close this letter before it gets dull.



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