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September 3, 1945.

Hello Ginny:

What are trying to do to me? Put me out of my head? Only a few girls knows me weakness, I’ll fall for a girls every time. That perfumed that came with your sweet letter, thats my weakness. We all have one and that one is mine. I just can’t help myself. Not all types gets me, just certain ones and you have one of them Ginny. Please what ever you don’t give my secret away on my. Or I’ll be wearing a straight jacket.

Was glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself up in Canada. How does it feel to get away from home for awhile? I fine it quite alright, you can let your self go and have a wonderful time. I was down in New Orleans again this past week-end.

This time I thoroughly gave the French Quarters a real going over. You can have so much fun in different types of Night Clubs and seeing all the floor shows. A drink on the average cost fifty cents, so with a Girl it would cost a dollar a round. Which isn’t bad at all. My Sister lives down there and I always take her out on Sunday afternoon. She always has a Sunday dinner waiting for me. Besides some hi-balls that’s the main reason for seeing her and my Brother-in-law, who is stationed there with the U.S.C.G.

I can imagine how Bud felt bout being turned back to England. My status has been changed a little also. It is also no Pacific for me now. But there is a chance of being shipped out of here. Thats one thing I don’t want to do because they’ll not doubt put me further away from New Orleans. 126 miles is far enough. I fell in love with the place.

Seeing that I’m a Sergeant now, I have to draw C.Q. duties. (Charge of Quarters) In a few minutes I have to make bed check to make sure all the Boys are in bed and lights turned off. My Sergeant rating came thru last Tuesday (27 Aug) and my chance of going up to Staff in a few weeks is very good.

Give my best regards to your Mater and Pater and hope they are in the best of health. How are you? Did you get enough rest after your trip? By the way, what are intend on doing this year? Is it work or School? Where and what one?

Well, I have to take off now and get my nightly chores done and turn in for a little sleep. I really need it, I’m quite fatigued after the week-end. So be good and Best of luck to you.

Yours truly,

The Skipper

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