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August 7, 1945.

Dearest Ginny,

Received your letter this morning dated the 25th of July. We have two mail calls a day and your letter started the day off with a bang.

The picture you sent was swell. It meant a lot to see you in a picture if not in real life. You hear a lot of talk back in the states about these women over here getting whiter as your length of time over here increases. That, I tink is a lot of bunk. With me they seem to get blacker all the time.

So Bud wasn’t able to get home. I know that was a great disappointment to all of you. I had my fingers crossed but it didn’t seem to do any good. I really would have liked to see him get home. Well as long as he is over there they won’t send him down to this whole. It get might tiresome living out of a barracks bag. When you want something it is almost always on the bottom of the bag.

I don’t think you could be half as happy as I’ll be when this damn thing is over and done with. This army life is getting old fast. Boy! It will be wonderful to do what you want to do and just when you want to do it.

So you were out to Angelo again. As I said before that is my old stomping grounds. Yes, it seems there is always something going on at the South Shore or the Log Cabin. I used to have quite a few good times out there. How do you like the beach out there? I always thought it was a fairly good place to swim.

Don’t tell me you are getting to be a night owl. That must have been some party allright.

I can imagine how crowded Crystal beach was. Mom said she took Butch over and he really had a swell time. I would have enjoyed seeing him over there. It is a wonder you didn’t see Herb over there. Mom said he spends most of his time and money over there.

That weiner roast sounded pretty good. The closest we could come to that would be a “Spam roast”. That damn stuff was good the first few meals, but now it is just plain sickening. Well the whole army is getting that way to me I guess it can’t be helped.

Ginny, as much as I hate to I am afraid I am going to sign off for now. I have a million and one letters to answer and I may as well get started. Until your next letter I remain as always

Yours Chuck

P.S. Thanks a million for the picture. I’ll have to hunt up a gold frame for it. Be good and write soon. It is a good thing I finished your letter. I just got up in time to catch my cot as it started to float out the door. Boy! What rain.

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