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July 9, 1939.


I am going to type you a letter because I must answer two of your letters in one and I can type so much more on less paper than I can by writing. Your letters are so welcome and I enjoy them so much. They even sound like you are feeling better.

Honey, I know I won’t be able to answer all the questions you asked me in your letters but I’ll make an attempt. First of all, I am working hard but not too hard as to impair my health. I have been doing considerable decorating but this week I’ll be doing outside work. (Incidentally I won’t be in Burnham this week as I must be on a very particular job in York) If you write to me address it here to the house and not out of town. The job I’ll be on is Miss. Mary Shenberger, Doris’ boss. She inquired about you to Dad.

Mother and dad didn't have so much company up at the mountains over the Fourth but she is real busy making Jellies and canning. Sweety, she is the one who bought you your nighties, so you must thank her and not me. Dad isn’t doing any art work at present but he will have a picture to touch up at Burnham. The picture was done by one of C. Day Rudys men of Harrisburg. It isn’t too good. By the way, I told you a fib. Burnham isn’t the home of the Burnham boilers. It makes casting of locomotive wheels.

It sure was hot working in Hershey’s today. I’ll have to work tomorrow night yet to get it finished. Me and four other men. — I just finished my supper so I’ll resume typing. Your mother, daddy, and Dotty are all well at present and your mommy said she would get to writing you a letter one of these days.

Honey, I am so glad that you are feeling better, eating well, and sleeping good. See if you can’t get a little extra speck on you. I promise you that if you outgrow your dresses ##### I’ll get you new ones. That’s an incentive, isn’t it?

Willow Grove is exactly 98 miles from York and in the vicinity of Philadelphia. That is why you get mostly Phila. And Jersey stations on your little radio. By the way, Ted Malone is on the air again in ‘Between Book-ends’ on a hook-up. He comes on at 3:45 P.M. Alice Hoffman is enthused about his programmes. She listened to him before her went off the air the last time.

Honey dear, you asked in your last letter when you can come home. Honestly I don’t know. That is up to Dr. Fuller and he will not let you come home until he is satisfied that you are in very good condition physically. He told me that it will take quite a while to put you into normal or better than normal condition. Please resign yourself to the simple routine of the hospital and do not worry or concern yourself about when you can come home. I know that you will be a new Nelda when you do come home. Sweety, anything that you need as much as needle work or reading matter just write me and let me know I will see that you get it. If you want hand cream, tooth paste, or nail polish just write and tell me what kind and you will surely get it.

Dearest, everyone is so good to me. I am eating at about six different places and what meals. One week I had chicken three times. What do you think of that? Roth Bros. gave me a dividend of $53.00. Wasn’t that swell. Bill is giving me a lot of the business responsibilities. He is going out on jobs that take him away for several days at a time and I handle the business then. I like to do it too. I had complete charge of the Hersheys job.

We are getting so many large jobs to figure on. I just typed a contract off for the Newville Big Springs Church which amounted to $1640. And another job that we got for $1000. The Newville job is to have quite elaborate decorations. We figured 300 hours to do the decorating on it. Just think of that. (This is some poor typing but it is Nat’s typewriter. Mine is in storage.) That sounds as if I’m putting all the blame on the typewriter, but you understand.

I don’t know if I’ll be working up at Burnham next week or not but if I do I’ll let you know. This is the first time we ever stayed at the YMCA but I think it is swell. Each man has his own room and a room only costs $2.50 a week. Then you are sure of getting the same room the next week because that price includes the seven days. Your towels and soap are also included in that price.

Well dearest I must bring this long letter to a close as I must shave, take a bath and deliver my wash tonight yet. Oh yes, by the way Ken’s Dot and nat are doing my washing for me for free of charge. Each one does it every other week. Aren’t I fortunate though?

Will be looking for a letter from you this week. Until then I send all my love and repeat again,

As ever



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