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July 5, 1924.

Dear Papa and Mama:

This is opportunity to send mail from Quebec, I believe, so I am going to send these while I can as there will be such a long time that we cannot. We are well started. Came to the dock about two hours before the ship sailed but Mr. Plimpton had everything attended to so we settled ourselves. Mr. Plimpton is teacher-headmaster, I think, at Tildu (New Hampshire) Prep. boy school, a school of about four hundred. His son, a young married man, is also one of the aprt. Mr. Bruster is one of his former pupils -- a very nice young man. I should judge either in college or just about ready for college. His parents were at the boat to see him off. They seem like very nice people. Miss Kendall is from Concord, New Hampshire and knew them well. She is a Mt. Holyoak graduate also very nice. Miss Powell I have not yet talked with but know every little about, same with the Fairbanks. The others of the party I haven’t yet met. There is one more than on that list I sent you. She joined the party after the list was printed. Two others are to be with our party part of the time in England. All expected two + ourselves two are from New Hampshire. Those two are from Massachusetts. One from Boston, from Havenbill. There are three Temple Tours over. 8 c, 11 a or c + 9a -- Forty people all together. Our other leader besides Mr. Plimpton is a Yale professor. The third leader meets the party in England. In the meantime they are in charge of these two leaders. The Temple people have their private dining room. Mr. Plimpton had our deck chairs all selected, in a very favorable place. Our state room is an outside room and will be very nice. The “Dorie” is a lovely ship. There is a gymnasium, boys playroom, all sorts of things. We passed the “Megantic” just cruising in from Liverpool a short time ago. We had lunch, and it’s now four o’clock. I don’t know when we reach Quebec, but sometime tonight.

Arthur and all of us were pleased to get your letter where we boarded the ship. We also had one from Mr. de Schweintz and one from Alice Page.

The St. Laurence is very wide and very pretty and we are enjoying the trip immensely. We are writing this in the “Lounge”. An orchestra is playing out in the foyer. I mailed a letter at Montreal this morning just before we left. Our Montreal stay was very pleasant.

With much love, Alice

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