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July 4, 1924.

Dear Papa and Mama:

We are so far on our way. Reached Montreal at 7:50 standard time this morning. Went tothe baggage room at once and had our luggage examined. Then came to the QUeen’s where we secured our room. Had breakfast and had just returned to our room when Mr. Pilmpton, our leader, called up. Harry and Arthur went down to the office to meet him. We have a nice room with a double bed and a cot bed in it for Arthur. There is a lovely big closet. It is a very nice pleasant hotel. They use Daylight Savings time here.

Harry says Mr. Plimpton is from New Hampshire. His son and daughter-in-law are also going.

At two o’clock there is a sight-seeing trip of two hours around the city for $1.00. I think we will take it. Our luggage are going to be brought up here to the room, then tomorrow we will take them with us in a taxi to the boat.

How I wish you were here! It is so lovely to be started.

Friday evening:

We took lunch here at the hotel -- a lovely lunch and this afternoon a sight seeing tour. Montreal has much of interest especially its beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral -- also the largest retail fur store in the world which we went through the city of Westmount -- a city within a city for it is completely surrounded by Montreal. There are French as well as English signs every where we go. Were pleased to find your letter here. I hate to be going so far away from you but am so glad to be able to go and thank you so much for all you have done to help e go. I know we shall enjoy every minute of it. With great love, Alice

P.S. You may not hear again until Liverpool but I will write regularly right along

Saturday Morning --

Dear Papa

I hope you will have a nice birthday and something to celebrate -- We soon start for breakfast. Then the Dorie.

With love,


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