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July 4, 1924.

Dear Grandpa + Grandma:

Today we are in the city of Montreal. At 7:50 our train arrived at Windsor Street Station. We had a pleasant trip from New York. Miss Ayello and Miss Sarah Ayello and Mrs. White with some others were down to see us off and we had a very pleasant time with them. At about 10:15 daylight saving time we boarded the train. We stood on the platform until the train passed 125th Street after which we went to bed. I had a new experience since it was the evening before a holiday we could not get a lower berth though we went to the station one week ahead. Since we had to take this train that evening we reserved upper 5 and 5 on Car 86. Thus I had my first experience on the upper berth. I rather like it and it is fun to climb up on a step ladder. Early this morning we got up and dressed though it was only quarter to 6. We had to wait sometime before the occupants of the lower berth arose but we did not mind that. Soon after the section was made up father took me out on the car platform. However we soon came in and soon after we saw the St. Lawrence which we crossed and arrived at Windsor Street. The Queen’s only two blocks from the Railway station. We then went out to the Grand Pacific Cafe and Lunch Room and had our breakfast. When we came back to the hotel we even phone from the desk that Mr. Plimpton the party leader was down and wished to speak with us. Father and I went down and he offered to bring the pot manteaux to our room. He then left us after which I write this letter. I forgot to mention that Mrs. White gave me a box of candy and Rose Ayello some candied fruit I remain

With very much love,

A.F. Stocker

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