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July 30, 1943.

Dearest Ranny: (Hubby)

Received your 2 wonderful letters today. I thought that I would never hear from you again. Also received your newspaper. I’ll read it when I get some time.

No, honey, I don’t mind the heading: Dearest Wife. It sounds good. I meant to write sooner but didn’t have time. They say, better late than never.

Oh, by the way, that is a very nice snapshot of all you boys. Honey, you look so nice, so does Colla. I don’t know the other boys, but Benny looks awfully familiar.

Gee, honey, they have been working you pretty hard lately. Do take care of yourself.

I see where you are starting to drink again. I wish you wouldn’t hon, that’ll lower your morale more than ever. One or two drinks aren’t bad, but don’t go to extremes.

The soldiers here look pretty darn bad when they are drunk. I wouldn’t give a hoot for them. But then I can’t stop you from drinking, it’s up to you what you want to do.

I guess I told you that I took some pictures the other day just as soon as I get them back I’ll send them to you, hon. As for the big picture, I’m going to try to get it this week.

Ranny do be careful what you do. I see Moe is getting you in a lot of trouble. Don’t go around with him. I’m sure you’re a good soldier and will watch what you do. Once you get in bad with the Lieutenants, it isn’t a picnic.

Gee hon, alot of things are happening there. I mean the accidents. Did all those people get hurt just practicing? You can just imagine all that would happen in real battle. I’m praying for you, hon. Do you still wear your medal?

You’re getting plenty of exercise in the Army. I’ll bet you have alot of muscles now. One of your wallops would probably kill me.

I’ll say Whitey looks sharp in his uniform. Him and Kay are having a pretty solid time. Oh by the way, Mat is leaving for the Navy this Monday. He got his paper Tuesday. He is going to the University for the Navy Air Corps. He feels happy about it. At least he was called, he couldn’t wait until that day came. No more wolfing for him.

I received a letter from Mac yesterday. He is doing all right but he might be shipped soon. He said that he won’t be allowed to go down and see you now but will write to you.

This Sunday, August 1st, is Mary’s birthday. She’ll be 20. She received a beautiful card from Creamy and he is sending a compact.

Honey, maybe I do dance with some hard fellows, but I still miss you and your dancing. When you come home, we’ll dance until our feet burn. August 13th Shep Fields Band is coming to Idona. Wish you were here to see him. I never did see him in person.

Last night, we all went Bowling again. We had a better good time. After bowling we went to the Youngstown Hotel, then to the VFW Center and then to Club 22 to eat.

We were going to Club Lindo, but changed our minds. It’s a pretty rough place. But we were only going to hear the singer. One of our new stock boys down at the store is the singer there. He works there (Murphy’s) in the day and sing at the Club at night. He is pretty good. I made him sing, “You’ll Never Know” for me one day up in the stock room.

There are a couple of pretty good shows playing here. “Coney Island” is being held over and “Dixie” is playing at the Palace featuring Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. It ought to be a good picture.

Freddy came in to see me today. I feel so sorry for him. He still likes Red. He said that one of these days he’s going to kill Vicky. She brings Red all over and tells her not to go with Freddy. He said he is still waiting for your answer.

I didn’t know that Ruke had left for the Army already. Do you know where he is stationed? I think he is swell.

Yes, I remember “Canteen Bounce”! Did you ever hear “I Never Mention Your Name”? It is beautiful. It’s a pretty big hit here.

Honey, I am closing now and will write soon. Please do so also.



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