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July 30, 1938.

Dearest – I received your second letter yesterday and was so thrilled to hear from you – just like when you worked in Greencastle – remember?

When did you get my first letter? I told Wolfie to put it in the letter slot as soon as he got home. Have you seen him? Madalyn just got a letter from Sam this morning. He says he doesn’t know if he can come or not. I don't think it matters a great deal one way or the other.

Isn’t that swell that C.H. wants a longer article from you? You’ll really go places some of the days. Sure, I help you with it, my darling, gladly.

So Vernie finally broke down and told you about his house? I guess you were right about his not being able to keep it long. Well, I’m very glad for him and I hope Ken and Dot will be able to do the same.

This writing is terrible – but I’m sitting on a beach chair in the yard and trying to write on “Life”. It’s rather chilly but the sun is shining, and that’s something. Yesterday we went to Philipsburg. Mr. Peters took us all – Mrs., Madalyn, Sadie, Charlie and I. I met Freddy Winkle. The fellow who invented zotos. In fact he did my hair. I figured I’d have more time to talk to him then. He has a dump of a beauty shop and does lousy work. He said so himself because he works mostly in his laboratory. He only keeps the shop, mostly, to try out his inventions on people. Of course, his wife I understand is a fairly good hairdresser. She was there and I met her too. I had a very interesting time. I asked him how he ever got the idea he could put in a permanent without a machine. He said because he burnt a womans head at three places. Then he went on to say he had worked in a coal mine when he was a child and of course the miners use carbide lights and carbide itself throws off heat when in contact with moisture. So he poured some of the stuff and put it in a pad and tried it out. So that was the beginning. Now he has a new one on the market a week but it isn’t as good as Zotos, I believe. This month I don’t think he’ll sell this other wave to anyone like he did the first one since he has his own manufacturing place now. He explained a great deal to me. On the other hand I told him some things I had done with it he didn’t know could be done.

Well, from there we went to the Philips burger where there are some paintings on the wall. They are of the brickyards around here. They are quite good – but the fortitude part about it I met the man who did them. He happened to be there. He is a man about your dad’s age or maybe not quite as old by the name of Hutchins. We talked for a little while – not as long as I’d have liked because it was getting late and we had to go.

Then, late night we went up to Ida’s (the Inn) I met a lot of people. Among them was the Burgers of Pburg and his wife and some other big shots among whom was a bachelor by the name of Nill Gornell. Every one else was dancing so Madalyn said “You might as well sit on this side of the table because Bill doesn’t dance either.” So I went around (before that the Burgers ask me to dance and I told him I didn’t dance) and Bill wondered where I was from and when I told him he nearly fell off his chair. He was born in Wrightsville and lived in York six years at Dewey and Market, I think. So we talked and talked. He said he’d like to meet you and if he doesn’t work too late Sat. he’s coming up to meet you. He was very nice. He connected with the Buick people in P-burg and is about 55. Isn’t it strange how people scatter around? He calls York “God’s Country”

I said in my late latter we were going to the Mt. Lake Park to see Bessie’s sister. Well, we went. And guess what! A girl and fellow came in and I thought I recognized the girl so I ask Clyde (Lizzie’s husband’s brother) if that was Jane Netzer from Hollidaysburg. He said “yes it is”. Then I looked at the fellow and said I believe I knew him too. Clyde said he’d bet money I didn’t so I waited till the fellow went over to the counter for potato chips and I went over to Jane. She could hardly get over the shock of seeing me after 12 or 13 years. When the fellow came back she introduced and he said “I think we already know each other.” here it was a boy in my class at H-burg whom I hadn’t seen since I left. He and Jane were having a reunion so they included me too. Mack, (the schoolmate) had left H-burg about the same time I had and has been working in Ohio ever since. He was in on a weeks vacation to see his parents. Now wasn’t that surprise?

Well, darling, I’ve talked till I’m all out of breathe. So I’ll close and will be looking for you Saturday. I won’t write any more this week because you wouldn’t get it any way.

Sweety, I hope you have a safe journey up and can get here early. I’ll be looking and waiting for you. I’m so anxious for you to come. I can’t wait to see you.

All my love,


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