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July 3, 1945.

Dear Mr. + Mrs. Dickey

It really is muddy over here but it all brings back those so called happy days in Texas. The mud here is just about the same as back there except that when it drys the sun bakes it and it is as hard as cement. Believe me I know because I have hit it several times.

So far the only bad part of being over here is that it takes so darn long to get the mail straightened out. When we first got here we received about twenty four letters. That is I alone got that many. The next few days it began coming in very regular. All of a sudden it stopped and last night the span of fourteen days was broken by three letters from mother and dad. I had just about given up all hope of ever getting any more mail. I guess the old say of “all thing come to those who wait” holds very true.

A few of my new found buddies and myself went down to the “new Bilibid Prison” and had a look at the honorable but fanatical Japanese soldier. In my opinion they are a bunch of runts. I believe I would be a little inclined to underestimate the devils. You may not have heard of the prison but a lot of our boys were liberated from there when we recaptured the Island of Luzon. General Macarthur said that the fight on Luzon had been just about finished up so that made us all a little more at ease.

I really hope you don’t mind my writing to you because it really is a pleasure that is all mine. I really wish we were closer neighbors than we are now but maybe that could be fixed up after the war is over and done with. Most of the fellows here have a very optimistic point of view. I trully hope they are right.

As much as I hate to I am afraid I will have to sign off for now due mainly to the fact that I am at the proverbial office of work or I may not have a job and that would be bad. Until the next letter I remain a constant friend.

As always,


P.S. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

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