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July 3, 1945.

July 3, 1945

Dear Folks,

The second day of our trip took us through the Soas and the Soas border, where Hitler had his first Victory in 1934. Then south of Nancy by night, France is clearing up and try to make live as it was in prewar days. Town and city we travel through in black out many a month ago are all lite up and [unreadable] are going on. Nancy is a real post war city all closed up now and every one trying to forget. We stayed at the big [unreadable] of Nancy University [unreadable] it has 100 soliders who are traveling in France, we eat at the “G.I. Joe” dance band and all. Cleared up at the red cross, had coca cola, whent to the movies saw “The Package” with Joan Crawford and Gable, with French words. Can you see Gable speaking French. The next morning we hitched a ride with a french magiacian and his troupe. He did tricks for us all the way to our next point. Well I write more about the trip to morrow. I received plenty of mail when I arrivedback. Will answer as soon as possible. Five package also with 4 letters hair oil and milkman bars from mars. (Please know more candy bars I have plenty for a while.

Love as ever,


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